Committee Members

The Committee


The series is run by an editorial Committee drawn from members of the History Faculty, which meets four times a year to consider examiners’ reports and conduct editorial business. 


The Committee aims to represent as wide a range of periods and thematic interests as possible. Its current members are listed below. Please feel free to contact any of them. Additionally, the Chair is very happy to answer questions about procedures or the series in general. Please email:

Chair of OHM Committee

Professor David Parrott

cd people david parrott

David Parrott‘s research interests are in early modern European history, primarily the political, social and military history of 17th-century France, but with interests in Northern Italy in the same period.  He also has a research interest in military organization and change and its political and social impact across West-Central Europe from 1500-1750. 

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Dr Hannah Skoda

cd people hannah skoda

Hannah Skoda works on the cultural and social history of the later Middle Ages.

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Professor William Whyte

william whyte

William Whyte is interested in social and architectural history, with a particular focus on Britain and Europe since the eighteenth century.

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Professor Faisal Devji

cd people faisal devji

Faisal Devji is interested in Indian political thought as well as that of modern Islam. Devji’s broader concerns have to do with ethics and violence in a globalized world.

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Dr Perry Gauci

cd people perry gauci

Perry Gauci principally concentrates on political and social history, although he does cover economic and cultural topics as well. 

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Professor Julia Smith

julia smith11

Julia Smith‘s research interests address the materiality of Christian experience in the Middle Ages, the use of ethnographic approach to exploring how, why and in what social contexts a wide range of material substances acquired a sacred aura, serving as mediators between humans and the divinity, the emergence and development of the cult of relics from the 4th to the 11th centuries, and history of women and gender in the early Middle Ages.

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Professor James McDougall

cd people james mcdougall

James McDougall works on Middle Eastern, African, French and comparative imperial history, from the eighteenth century to the present.

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Professor Paul Betts


Paul Betts' research and publications center on Modern European Cultural History in general and 20th Century German History in particular.  He is especially interested in the relationship between culture and politics over the course of the century, and have worked on the themes of material culture, cultural diplomacy, photography, memory and nostalgia, human rights and international justice, death and changing notions of private life.

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Professor Richard Reid



Richard Reid's research interests are: 

  • Warfare and militarism in Africa in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, particularly East and Northeast Africa
  • Historical culture, emotion and memory in modern Africa, particularly East and Northeast Africa
  • The relationship between Africa and Europe during the ‘long’ nineteenth century


Visit his Faculty page here.